Agribusiness is Miramars’ Flagship Program. Here MIC focuses on Apiculture, Hydroponic, Aquaponic and Livestock Farming as well as Greenhouse Construction.


We specializes in the manufacturing, installation and marketing of customized hydroponic fodder and vegetable systems to help small and medium holder farmers have access to a high quality, cost-effective and sustainable way of farming. Hydroponic farming entails growing crops using mineral nutrient solutions in water thus reducing the need for soil. Our modern and innovative farming technology is resilient to climate change, provides superior nutritional value and faster growth at limited cost of input.

Livestock Farming

Our Agri-business course definitely covers Livestock production as well as crops. We have the structures of the common livestock reared by most farmers in the country. You will learn the structural considerations before you start. You will also learn the snippets of successful livestock production. 


Apiculture is also known as bee keeping. Bee keeping not only involves production of honey but also wax and other by-products which have good income. In addition to training you on how to construct modern bee hives, we shall introduce you to the whole value-chain of bee keeping so that you can maintain an edge 


Aquaponics is the art of rearing fish and growing crops hydroponically in a system that makes the fish and crops totally dependent on each other. Our agri-business course will introduce to this organic farming whose produce (fish and crops) fetch a higher market price.

Greenhouse Construction

Miramar International College is well endowed with very skilled staff who can help you put up a Greenhouse. The greenhouse can be made of stainless metal or wood depending on the cash availability of the customer. Crops grown in greenhouses are high value crops which have a higher return on investment.

NFT systems

NFT is an abbreviation that stands for Nutrient Film Technique. In this technique, the aim is to maintain a thin film of nutrient water running in horizontally arranged PVC pipes. The water from the pipes is drained into a reservoir, also known as a Bleeding tank.